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Good Morning, Since Kraft bought Good Seasons, you have discontinued the Cheese Garlic Salad Dressing Mix. This had been a favorite salad dressing of many people for many years. Are there plans to bring this back? Thank you

Good Morning, Since Kraft bought Good Seasons, you have discontinued the Cheese Garlic Salad Dressing Mix. This had been a favorite salad dressing of many people for many years. Are there plans to bring this back? Thank you

Joe Furloni

Reason of review: Discontinued product.

Preferred solution: Re-Indroduce Cheese Garlic Salad Dressing.

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Kraft; Why discontinue a good thing? I agree with others.

The Italian dressing, or the Garlic Herb is not the same, they're not as good. Bring back the garlic cheese dressing.

Take the advice of your consumers. PLEASE!


Please bring back your cheese garlic dry salad dressing mix. It is irreplaceable in a delicious marinated grilled chicken breast recipe I often use. I echo the sentiments of the majority of the comments posted here.


I have been looking for it for years. Loved to use the cheese garlic in many recipes.

Holidays are not the same.

Pretty stupid when all it seems there is to choose from now is some version of italian. Bring back the Cheese Garlic.


Very disappointed to find that Good Season's Garlic Cheese Salad Dressing Mix has been discontinued. I've been looking everywhere for it and have asked several grocers to stock it, however, I still haven't found it so came to see if I could order online.

Nope. Please listen to your customers Kraft!!!!

I'm not boycotting your Good Season's products but I do not like any of the others so I don't buy. Sad...


Good Seasons Cheese Garlic Salad Dressing is the only dressing my grandmother and I ever used. WHY has it been discontinued and who do we need to talk to for it to be brought back?


Please bring back the Cheese Garlic Dressing!!! Why was this discontinued?

It has been a staple in our family for years, which started with my Italian grandfather.

Ugh! I will be waiting for your response.


Please return the Good Seasons Cheese Garlic dressing. If not I’d be interested in the rights to the recipe!!!


Cheese Garlic dressing is by far the best salad dressing ever! PLEASE bring it back!! At the very least - if you don't bring it back - please share the recipe!


Yes, bring Cheese Garlic back! It’s by far the best of the Good Seasons flavor, and if any of the Kraft execs would taste it, they’d know it!


My vote is to bring back the cheese garlic packages or cheese garlic salad dressing.

to Jane haile #1538949

PLEase bring back Good Seasons Cheese Garlic Dressing




Please bring it back!!!! It was our go to marinade!!!!!


This is how i feel too ! Is corporate so stupid that they would discontinue a consumers favorite product namely Good Seasons Garlic and Cheese Salad dressing mix, and make myself and others so angry over this, that I and others would boycott your products because of your ignorance to reply with customer demand of having it back on the store shelves !


Please bring back the Cheese Garlic salad dressing mix!! I used dry mix not only as my families favorite salad dressing but as a seasoning for meats and pasta salads to name a few. Really missing this dressing mix.




I, too, have been dejected with Kraft discontinuing their cheese garlic dressing mix. I used it with red wine and garlic vinegar and always received raves on my salads.

The garlic herb isn't quite the same, but still better than their regular Italian or other commercial products. If this one is discontinued, I'll go back to my Italian mother's recipe.


Please bring back the cheese garlic salad dressing mix!


I absolutely agree. The cheese garlic dressing was always my favorite.

About a year ago I bought out as much of this dressing as I could find online. Unfortunately I have finally run out, I really miss the flavor.

I have tried the garlic herb dressing but it's just not as good. Please bring back the cheese garlic dressing!!!!


I have been using this seasoning since before I was born! Kraft have you lost your damn mind.

It’s been over 40yrs for myself. Now what are we supposed to use? Ranch?

French? Unbelievable.

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