You changed a perfectly good product into an ritz cracker. The consistency, shape, flavor are not the same as the old square cracker.

I don't like. Loved the original square saltine cracker. GO BACK. I can't understand why a company who has a perfectley good product does what you did.

The original crackers were lighter in texture, a shape that we loved, and they even tasted better. If I wanted a Ritz cracker, I would have bought them. Not only that, but in a loose bag like package, they get all broken.

The other package was perfect. Hardly any broken.

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You all...get a life. There are more important things in life than changing your crackers or the formulation of an onion dip....


It's a test product in the NY/NJ/PA area until sometime in August. It's not a permanent change.

Why would you people waste time complaining about something as simple as a cracker?

With everything going on in the world and you are worried about the shape of a cracker? Really?


boo on the new round saltines - they simply are not the Saltines i love

what a shame - i don't mind paying more but not for this new recipe - bah!


I've always for at least 40 years now only purchased Ritz and ORIGINAL Saltines. I don't know why you created this abomination of a Saltine.

Was it to make more money? Must have been, that the only reason you big conglomerates do anything today. I didn't like the concept when I saw it in the store. Searched the web for opinions last night just to have something to do and found most were negative (as I am sure you are aware).

I just opened the box with a clear expectation and was soundly disappointed. They are not as crispy, or as thick, or as browned, or as puffy, or even as salty. I even found the flavor to be more bland. My partner found his tasting to be similar and disappointing as well.

We will not be back to your New Round Saltines ever again. I do not know what the competition to your brand is but rest assured we will find a substitute and while I still like Ritz they shall unfortunatly be included in my boycott as they are one of your products. I did the same thing when Cape Cod stopped making the Dark Russet Potato Chip as part of their line. I wrote to them also and have since been very happy with the Utz brand.

In a world where everything is made cheaper, faster, more profitable, for the sake of the manufacturer and to the disdain of the consumer you should be ashamed of yourselves for taking away our beloved Saltines... David Gerard


I agree one hundred percent. Do they remember New Coke?

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