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I have always enjoyed McCafe Premium Roast k-cups in my

Keurig. I recently replaced my old Keurig with a new

Keurig 2.0, and I have had to throw out several cups of coffee due to

grounds in the coffee. I love your coffee but have a whole box that

I can't use and have thrown away several more. Help!

What is the deal? I was just wondering if anyone else has had

this issue and if you could tell me what to do different

so this would not happen to me again!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of coffee grounds in my mccafe premium roast coffee. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "grounds in mccafe coffee" of mccafe coffee k cup premium roast medium and associated monetary loss in the amount of $18. Kraft Foods needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Same here!! These K cups are ripping in the Keurig and every third cup I have to take apart the drip apparatus and clean out the coffee grounds. So mad!


My parents have had several issues with grounds in their McCafe McDonalds kcups. Keurig sent them several machines thinking that was the problem.

Find out the real issues is with the McCafe kcups themselves, they tried other brands with no issues. They took several boxes back to Sam's and got their money back.


Same problem here. Cup full of grounds over and over again.

I’ve cleaned pot and still have grounds in cup. I decided to take a pod and place it in a regular filter and let water run through it.

Grounds came out of pod. So it isn’t the coffee maker it’s the pods!


I have purchased a 100 ct coffee k cups box from Sams as I have done for the past year. Except only this time I have done nothing but clean up messes.

So I purchased a new coffee pot and guess what same thing - spits coffee grinds and water over and over - wasting k cups left and right.

So I bought folgers k cups and not one mess - not any grinds - so I know its the cups - I wanted to know if any other people had the same issues and if I can be refunded for the coffee. Use to love my McCafe coffee - but not gonna keep having grinds spit everywhere.


Mine are blowing out at the side where the pseudo-plastic rim meets the mesh.i will never purchase again.... unfortunately i bought a big box of them at Costco....


how can Kraft continue to send these *** K cups to the retailers? I just bought a box of 100 at Sam's Club.


I complained to Keurig and they sent me a brand new machine. Just got it today.

I only seem to have issues with McDonald's K-cups. Tim's are fine and work without issue. To make a long story short, fired up the new machine, tried a McDonald's K-cup right away and exploded again.

Coffee grounds everywhere. NOT IMPRESSED!!!


I am having the same issue. I am finding that after cleaning my Keurig, replacing the needles and changing the filters, this is still happening.

I took apart a pod after brewing and found that the needles are punching a hole thru the filter. So this is truly a manufacturing defect.What is Kraft going to do for us?


Im having problems with the pods bursting what a waste


I purchased McCafe keurig pods every one of them have leaked the grounds into the cup. Not happy!


All these pods from two boxes “exploded.” Contacted Kraft and the sent out $3 off coupons for more boxes of these suspect keurig pods. Not a refund, just coupons. Are you kidding me?


I have the same issue. About every 10th cup of coffee I make the pod explodes. Not happy.


Mine is the same way after brewing there are holes in the bottom of cup that holds the coffee grinds. It happens isn’t both of my keurigs. It seems like the hot water is making the cup disintegrate


My McCafe 72 pods from Costco will not work with Keurig 2.0. Either slow and spray coffee everywhere or will not allow water through.It seems this is a manufacturing issue not machine. I have bought other type of coffee keurig pods and there is no problem!


I have had the same issue with McCafe kcups exploding, sending grounds everywhere. Other pods work fine.

I had given up on my favorite McCafe medium roast for the last year. Yesterday I foolishly bought a box of 100 McCafe kcups at Sam's for $40.

I've been cleaning up grounds everywhere ever since. Three machine cleanings and 7 pods later I'm sorry I ever heard of Keurig or McCafe k cups.


Mine too! I use a frying pan splatter screen, but a lot get through into my cup!


Mine are doing the same thing I bought them and my machine 2018 at costco


I have also had the problem with causing pressure build up in the Keurig and then leaking the coffee grounds into my cup. I bought a 54 cup box and have had to throw out.

I love the coffee but you need to address this issue. Alot of money to throw away.


We also have the problem with grounds in our coffee cups.We bought a 54 cup box of McDonald's k cups.Many started letting out grounds.We returned it for another box of 54, and the same thing happened.I took a k cup apart, and found the filter is bursting with the pressure


new Keurig K eleite should work with all podsmcdonalds compostibles were working fine in old brewernow send ssome ground out at ened of cycle and pod stuck in top of Keurig?

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