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I have always enjoyed McCafe Premium Roast k-cups in my

Keurig. I recently replaced my old Keurig with a new

Keurig 2.0, and I have had to throw out several cups of coffee due to

grounds in the coffee. I love your coffee but have a whole box that

I can't use and have thrown away several more. Help!

What is the deal? I was just wondering if anyone else has had

this issue and if you could tell me what to do different

so this would not happen to me again!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of coffee grounds in my mccafe premium roast coffee. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "grounds in mccafe coffee" of mccafe coffee k cup premium roast medium and associated monetary loss in the amount of $18. Kraft Foods needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Mine too! I use a frying pan splatter screen, but a lot get through into my cup!


Mine are doing the same thing I bought them and my machine 2018 at costco


I have also had the problem with causing pressure build up in the Keurig and then leaking the coffee grounds into my cup. I bought a 54 cup box and have had to throw out.

I love the coffee but you need to address this issue. Alot of money to throw away.


We also have the problem with grounds in our coffee cups.We bought a 54 cup box of McDonald's k cups.Many started letting out grounds.We returned it for another box of 54, and the same thing happened.I took a k cup apart, and found the filter is bursting with the pressure


new Keurig K eleite should work with all podsmcdonalds compostibles were working fine in old brewernow send ssome ground out at ened of cycle and pod stuck in top of Keurig?


I have the same issue. I looked at the K-Cup compared to Kuai Coffee brand I also buy and uses the same mesh pouch as the filter.

The McCafe pod is a little bigger, thus when the water is going through it, it seems to expand and is hitting the needle and thus being torn which is when the grounds wind up in your coffee. So unless the McCafe pods are redesigned to not be so big, then this will likely occur, again as the cup's mesh filter part expands while the coffee is being brewed to the point it is torn by the needle.


I have the same problem. I end up with a whole bunch of grounds in my cup.

I am using a fine cloth to strain my coffee as it goes into the cup. Lucky for me I only have a small box to use UP, then I will never buy them again.


I have experienced the same thing recently. Two pods have exploded in my Keurig and I end up with a mouthful of grounds.

Has something changed in the quality of your pods lately? Disappointed.




EASY FIX! I was getting high pressure warning with each pod.

Wasted a few. Descaled the machine- everything I could think of. I realised these pods are pretty packed. After squeezing the pod, shaking and loosening up those grounds, it worked!

I just massage my coffee (lucky coffee) before putting it in the machine to give it air space. Works every time.


We are having the same issue with McCafe Premium Kcups. We love the coffee but not having to deal with grounds every time. Bought a couple of boxes from Walmart which amount to $36 that we just basically through away.

to Tori Tinker #1459701

Just loosen up the grounds first. Squeeze it a bit.

I have a Costco sized box I was wasting. Works every time now.


Same issue, lots of grounds in coffee. Not a great way to start the day. No more McDonald's coffee in this house.


On a package of 12 McCafe pods at least one and sometimes more the pod spills out the grounds into the cup. the first few times I actually got the grounds in my mouth but then I was was looking for either some bubbles or a much darker brew as a signal .

going back to Tim Hortons brand until they change theirs to the same type.

Too many pods broken to keep this up. no ones reimbursing me for the hassle.

to Bob #1456483

Hi Bob: I agree completely. I use a Keurig machine, and the problem is the new "compostable" pods.

The boiling water actually bursts through the fabric, allowing all the dregs to escape into my cup! What a useless product! I never once had an issue with the regular Keurig cups, but I do like McDonald's coffee. That said, now that I know the pods are all made by Kraft, I wonder if all the pods are just full of the same stuff?

Wouldn't put it past them! I complained to McDonald's Canada, and they brushed me off and told me to contact Kraft Canada!


I too have been getting mouthfuls of grounds. I love McCafé but will switch brands as well.

Also bought the big box from Costco. Super disappointing!!

to MarnieMc2 #1460805

Me too! Ugh!


Love the coffee, hate the grounds from it in my AM coffee. Now this AM our new Keurig is clogged and not working.

So ticked off.! Going to take the box back to Costco and go back to Tims. Its the odd pod style that is the issue.

Costco should take it off the shelves. Too much agro.


I also have this problem so got a small strainer to put over the cup. Annoying and I’m going back to Tim Hortons when my case is finished.


We actually thought we had a faulty Keurig machine, and in reality it was just the faulty k-cups!!!Replaced the machine and still found grounds in the coffee, the McCafe cups DO NOT work!Now we have an entire huge box of cups that do not work, purchased at Sam's club. Oh and nowwe are the proud owner of two coffee machines.....I will never buy this type of k cups again!!!

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