I have always enjoyed McCafe Premium Roast k-cups in my

Keurig. I recently replaced my old Keurig with a new

Keurig 2.0, and I have had to throw out several cups of coffee due to

grounds in the coffee. I love your coffee but have a whole box that

I can't use and have thrown away several more. Help!

What is the deal? I was just wondering if anyone else has had

this issue and if you could tell me what to do different

so this would not happen to me again!

Reason of review: grounds in McCafe coffee.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Kraft Foods Cons: Coffee grounds in my mccafe premium roast coffee.

Location: Greenville, Alabama

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Same issue. We have been using the McCafe with out a problem.

This box it's been constant grounds in my coffee. we have a box of decafe McCafe with no problem. Also several other brands of kcups with no problems.

Cleaned the unit several times. Such a waste but glad I'm not the only one.


Yes, I have the same problem, then I purchased another 24 count from another store thinking it was a fluke and I'm having the same issue. I don't have this problem with any other kcup in my machine.


There is a flaw in the McCafé k cups


Yes I am having the same problem bought 2 100 boxes from Sam’s club and both are leaving grounds in coffee. Bought a box of another brand Caribou and nothing.

You can drink the very last drop and not get a ground. NO MORE MC CAFE FOR US TIME TO STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON MC Cfe


Having same problem; just bought 100 K-Cups of McCafe Premium Roast and have had first four with grounds. Who makes this K-cup?


We bought the 100 box from sams, thought it was our keurig so bought another. Just bought more and they still do it.


I am having the same issue. I have cut the k-cup open and you can clearly see the mesh filter inside has *** blown through it.


What is going on with McD’s Keurig Kcups blowing *** through the filters and what a mess to clean up ,I have over a 100 kcups left , what to do . Great coffee Totally pissed


Having the same issue here. My first kcup will blow out and waste my first cup of coffee, which I do not have time for most mornings.

Get it together, guys—you’re not a dollar store brand. You’ve lost my business for a while.


I also have a kerige 2.0 and have had this happening to me. Half a box of bad cups. For what it cost to buy them from a store and to half this happen is a *** off


Same problem here! First time trying McCafe, fine at first now grounds in every cup.

Only solution I’ve found is cleaning out bottom puncture needle after every brew and replacing with new pod.

Super frustrating as I am also now stuck with 100 from Sam’s. Will not be buying these again.


Same problem with 100 count from Sams club. And, I bought two boxes when on sale. Very dissapointing.


Same problem, blown hole in the mesh. 2 our of 4 pods this morning.


I’m having the same problem. The k cup rips if it gets too much water in it.

Perhaps a stronger mesh needs to be made ... love that they are compostable and will retry McCafé once the problem has been resolved.


I have the same issue


Oooh so glad to hear we are not the only ones! Switching brands because of this...too bad because normally love mccafe coffee but dont like sucking on the coffee grounds!!


We are having the same issue! And with the McCafe premium roast Kcups!

What’s the deal? We will have to go to another brand.


We purchased McCafe pods at Sams Club for our Kerig.......After several times getting mouthful of grounds, purchased a new coffe pot, assuming that was the problem. Just used pot for first time and again.....a mouthful of grounds.

Took McCafe pod apart and compared inner liner with another brand and saw how short the liner was....thus the needle was piercing the liner. How can we recover cost of pods ($39.) and unneeded new coffee pot?


take out a few pods and look at them - there is a size difference in the pods and the smaller ones are the ones not working!


Same here!! These K cups are ripping in the Keurig and every third cup I have to take apart the drip apparatus and clean out the coffee grounds. So mad!

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