cooked a box of kraft stove top stuffing earlier tonight and found pieces of something plastic looks like a lid to something?? Was in my food grandsons food and husbands also a pc.

In the pan. I have the box. Pictures of( it ) and a sample of the stuffing. My stomach hurts some.

I tried to call the 800# on the box..... Well no one answers. I have had my daughter post on fb. And iam calling the grocery store in the morning.

We are very upset!! I have pictures. I have the box.

I went to restroom and passed something and i have blood in my stool now!!! Disgusted i will never ever buy from kraft company nothing!!

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Looks like the plastic cover for screw top wine


I don't think if you had eaten anything like that with your food, it would have affected you so soon. Besides that if what you supposedly ingested was like what you pictured, you should have felt it in your mouth before swallowing it.

You could send the box and the pieces of plastic to the company and see what you get. I have a sister-in-law that if she found a tiny little stem in a can of peas or little piece of husk in a can of corn. She dried it and sent it to the company and they would send her tons of coupons. Errors can occur in any manufacturing process.

I would have thought you would have noticed those black pieces when you poured the product into the pan. Several years ago I opened a box of mac and cheese and tiny little bugs flew out.


If you think you have been harmed, there are legions of slip and fall lawyers who will gladly take your case.

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