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This may be trivial to some but I am disappointed in the recent quality of Nabisco Saltine Crackers (Kraft Foods). Every box I've bought in the last few weeks is terrible.

You cannot even pick a cracker up without it crumbling, much less try to put butter or another type of spread on it. I took a picture of the latest pack we tried to use. About 80% of the crackers crumbled as we picked them up. I've used this product for over 40 years without complaint.

Now I think Kraft has altered the recipe to either save money or to make additional money and quite frankly the product is no longer usable. I did send a complaint to Kraft and to Consumer Reports.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Laguna Niguel, California, United States #1012165

Just open a pack of saltine crackers and nearly threw-up from the taste and smell. It appears to be a very strong toxic smell and taste.

Open anther sealed package from the same box, no obvious smell noticed.

#44000 00057 8 expires December 2015.

I see that over 540 complaints have been mentioned in various sites. Will call Nabisco (M-F)1-800-622-4726 Strongly suggest no one eat the crackers and complain - nicely!


I've been a Nabisco cracker user for years. I have also noticed the crumbling issue with the crackers too.l More are crumbled than whole.

This has been going on for months and months.

. I'm switching to Krispy next time I buy crackers.


I agree. They are no longer the same cracker.

Did some ignorant board member think that people wouldn't notice?

I don't buy them anymore.



The taste is different also. I think the crackers have been re-invented.


I just opened a newly purchased box of the "new saltines" and I too am extremely disappointed. I don't like the packaging with all the crackers in one bag.

Once you open the bag you are left with an entire opened bag unlike the old where you had four smaller wrapped packages.

A large amount of the crackers were broken into small pieces and the taste just is not the same as the "original saltine cracker". Will not be buying again.


:( I'll be (61) years young this coming October. Been eating Nabisco Premium Crackers a long time.

But not any more! You can not even dip potted meat out of the can with out then falling apart. I live in Houston Texas - I changed to (Parade - Saltines). They do not fall apart!

Nabisco really does not care about it's customer - the world is so populated now that if you stop buying it (3) other people will try it? It goes with out saying - the good old days are gone, where a business cared about you & me!

We the people have a lot of power, but you can't get every one to stand up an get thing changed! Sad - VERY - Sad


i have bought three boxes of the seasalt saltine crackers at different stores and they were allm staled.maybe i should try a another company. i hope this can be corrected


I too am very disappointed in the new crackers. Why would you change something that has worked forever. We have quit buying them.


forty years I have eaten and loved original saltines. The new ones with sea salt are terrible--They should not call them original, maybe the decision makers are not old enough to know what the original ones tasted like.

Guess I will have to shift back to other producers of saltines to try and find the original taste. This is a case where they flat ruined the taste of a cracker I so dearly loved.


I too have a problem with the taste and quality of Nabisco Saltines. They taste horrible and are hard to swallow.

Threw several boxes away, thinking I had a bad batch. They have lost me as a customer!


They seem to have changed again just recently. We're not going to buy them anyme. Them are less salty and pretty blah tasting.


Every brand of saltines now tastes the same. TERRIBLE!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #133926

I also now find these crackers unacceptable. I'm 70 years old and have eaten them since I was a kid.

There is now a sour taste, where 3 crackers broken up into a can of soup ruins it. I used to eat saltines slathered with butter to accompany my chili. No more. Last Christmas, my visiting daughter said that they were stale and we threw them away and got a fresh tube of them out of the box.

Same story, threw them away.

Unless I learn otherwise, I will switch brands seeking an acceptable saltine cracker again. :sigh


so switch to keebler

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