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Wow. first time I encountered this "dip phenomenon" 3 months ago, I was picking up comfort foods (bad day at work) bought 2 bags of Cape cod chips, IMHO, the only ones that can stand up to the dip and a big container of the dip.

i spit it out and went online and ended up with a coupon. they put it as it was Walmart's bad for not storing properly. tried it again yesterday. long morning of shopping with the family, looking forward to thick oniony goodness...

I WAS WRONG! when i called, ( my mom was ranting in the background, she had been eating this longer than I) i was finally told that the company was trying to lower the saturated fats and make it healthier. huh. i don't buy this dip to look like a kardashian...

i am more pissed that they didn't inform their consumer base of the formula change. :x

Monetary Loss: $3.

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#527427 I dont have a facebook account, but I think we need to make some noise. Obviously they keep up with this site so cmon guys, make some noise.


Sorry, Julie, not even close. BTDT


I have also tried all the other brands and making my own recipes (lol). Nothing had the same taste and texture of the original kraft french onion dip. Im sad.


This is the result of your wonderful, caring government beating companies over the head and forcing them to produce "healthy" foods, no matter the now taste terrible. But, they are "better and more healthy" for you.

Your government is only trying to help you.

They know better than you do what's good for you. Remember that the next time you vote for a liberal pseudo-Marxist.


not the same. trust me. tried other brands, making recipes etc.


An envelope of onion soup mix and a carton of sour cream. mix together.

Onion dip. Enjoy!!!

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